Why sadness is inevitable when you achieve your goals

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achieve your goals

Achieve Your Goals – a guest post by Andrew Black – find out more about Andrew and his work at Heroes on Hand.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, gym goers, sports people all set goals – but in order to achieve your goals you must have a plan!

That framework is essential to keep you on track, keep you accountable and keep you moving forward. Progress after all, is happiness. It is in that statement itself that we find that when achieving our goals, we momentarily stand still. For some people this mentally has a negative effect that can feel like a very small step backwards.

To alleviate some of this feeling there are number of management systems that break the year into quarters, then months, then weeks. So larger goals are broken into tasks then to dos. When managed correctly and you motivate your team or yourself (and assuming of course the original goals have been set correctly) you create an environment where there is continuous progress, problem solving and learning.

You may complete your weekly goal but still very much have an eye on your monthly or quarterly goal. At the end of the quarter you will review and take time away for clarity and a bird’s eye view on the business. The goals that haven’t been achieved in quarter 1 get worked into quarter 2 and you then continue to move forward tackling small and medium goals until you see the summit of the year end and ultimately the completion of the original annual goals you set.

Success is small things done well day after day and is essential to achieve your goals.

I’ve used this type of system on my own businesses and with a variety of other businesses. It takes the human element into consideration and works really well from a practical point of view. Reward and acknowledgement for completing to dos, tasks and small goals. Continual problem solving and learning. Accountability on the journey to reaching your yearend goals.

Sadness is only inevitable if you don’t have the right system in your business.

So what’s next?

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