Why is a blog so important?

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Why Blogs Are So Important

Call it what you like, a blog, a news section, articles, they’re all essentially the same thing – posts, a type of page within your website where you can add your thoughts on life, the Universe, everything.

A blog is essential in a number of ways. First it’s a way to express your thoughts on your industry or provide high quality information on a topic. This has a lot of advantages as it adds more information to your website, information that can then be searchable once published on the web. It backs up your credibility having authored so many thought pieces and having a large archive of blogs and articles helps to increase this further.

Secondly, more web pages, all on a similar topic, helps your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If you have an SEO plugin installed, such as Yoast, you can easily assign a keyword or keyphrase to each page. If you have ever done any keyword research into your specific industry and have built up a list of related terms with a high search value (the words Google and other search engines know people are searching for most often) then you can begin to either assign those keywords to each of your pages, or better still, use your list of keywords and build up blogs for each of them.

And thirdly you are publish new content regularly. Google and other search engines are looking to show relevant information to match Internet searches and will begin to favour a website that is publishing new content on an ongoing basis. So make your posts regular.

WordPress has a handy publication setting so you can write a number then schedule them to post at similar intervals making your website look to be publishing regularly.

Of course being able to write about your ideas is also very valuable as the more you research a topic, the more you write and talk about it, the easier it gets to recall the information and sell your services within that topic or express your experience of it. A very handy skill to have.

If you need help with any of the above or would to start your own blog drop us a line using the details below.

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