What is Elementor?

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Elementor Web Design

If you are designing and building websites using WordPress it’s difficult not to have heard about Elementor, the visual builder that allows you to create eye catching websites quickly and, in the more simple types of build, without any coding knowledge.

Visual builders have been around for a number of years and they have a number of benefits allowing designers to take control of the layout and features of a website and its pages. Getting hands on and being able to adjust the placement of titles, text, images and functionality has been a great advantage for designers who, for the most part, are very protective about their own designs and have an eagle eye for detail.

What Elementor allows you to do has been steadily increasing throughout 2019 and 2020. The original plugin was a basic design tool allowing you to take control of simple design features on each page. It has since expanded significantly to allow you to take control of the functionality and operation of most of your website using visual cues rather than difficult code.

How this helps our clients

The intuitive way the Elementor app is laid out makes it much easier for people relatively new to running a website to make alterations. Whether that is changing text, adding text, altering images and messages, the app allows you a lot of control.

From an administration point of view templates and page layouts can be locked down allowing subscribers and editors the general comfort of knowing they can’t make any life threatening mistakes or crash the site.

Along with every site that we build we provide a training service that can go into as much depth as you like. Either let us teach your team to use the basics or we can coach specific persons within your business to take on more responsibility. This can give you an excellent level of flexibility when you look to develop your website.

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Over on Facebook we run an Elementor focused group posting video explainers running through how to create effects with Elementor. Request to join the group and post your question – we aim to respond to the most interesting requests within a few days and post regular content.

If you need help with any of the questions raised in this article drop us a line using the details below.

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