Website Location Pages – why you should focus on your local area

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Website Location Pages

There are many sub-sections of SEO marketing and one of the most important for any business is focusing on attracting local customers. People on Google are usually searching for answers to questions and by focusing on website location pages for your business you stand a much better chance of appearing high up in their results. We explain why you should focus on your local area and why website location pages play such an important role. 

How Website Location Pages Reduce competition

There’s a good chance that your business is in competition with countless others who provide the same products or services. On a wider scale your SEO strategy would be competing with every other competitor across the UK which can only take you so far. Focusing on local SEO enables you to optimise your site for local searches and create a much stronger brand presence within local and surrounding communities. 

Location Pages Improve search rankings

Google is heavily geared towards creating a responsive experience for users, which means making things as convenient as possible. Creating website location pages can improve your search rankings by making you directly relevant to search terms entered by people on Google. You can be found much easier if you have location pages telling customers that you operate in the area and Google is more likely to suggest the page higher up in the results.

Receive fewer unqualified enquiries 

While all businesses want more enquiries to improve their conversion rate percentage, dealing with too many tyre-kickers is not helpful. You want qualified customers who understand who you are and what you offer, so when they get in touch you aren’t wasting time telling them you are unable to help. A location page instantly tells potential customers that you are nearby and pre-qualifies their value before they’ve even got in touch. 

Save on advertising money

Using a single domain to promote multiple locations is much more cost effective compared to using different domains for each area you want to focus on. Adding new pages is more cost effective and keeps customers connected directly to other sections of your site, increasing the chances of them looking at other areas and generally spending more time looking at what you have to offer.

Builds your local brand 

While large corporate brands are well-established, people are still willing to support local businesses and respond well to people who have an understanding of the area they live in. Going for local SEO reduces your competition and increases your chances of appearing on the first page, which builds a foundation for you to build on later if you want to improve your global SEO. 

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