Using Google My Business Posts to your advantage

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Google My Business Posts

While website SEO is important to your business there are some other free tools you can use to support the visibility of your brand. Google My Business (GMB) gives your business exposure via Google Maps, providing powerful search engine support. Once you have optimised your GMB profile the next step should be to create some GMB Posts. Below we explain what they are and how to use Google My Business Posts to your advantage. 

What are Google My Business Posts?

When you sign up for a GMB account to register your company on Google Maps, you have the option to create GMB Posts. These work similarly to Facebook, allowing you to publish updates about your business, including new products or services and any offers or events you want to promote, essentially working as mini-ads for your brand. These posts will then be visible in the Google Maps app and underneath your business information in a desktop search. You can also share it on all popular social media channels. 

How do I use Google My Business Posts?

The first thing to do is to set-up a Google My Business profile so you can claim your business on Google Maps. Once you have optimised the post, click on posts and select the one you want to use:

  • What’s New: Make new announcements about your business.
  • Events: Let people know about any events you have coming up.
  • Offers: Promote products or services with discounts or special offers, including the start and end date.
  • Products: Feature one or more product or service you want to highlight.

You can then put together the post with a 1500-character limit. The first 100 characters will appear on screen (the rest is hidden until it is clicked on to expand) so focus on your most important words here. Add a video or image to the post, making sure they look as professional as possible, and you can also include a call-to-action button to encourage people to engage. 

What are the benefits of posting on Google My Business?

GMB posts are becoming increasingly important to your rankings on Google so it is worth taking advantage of the free exposure they can offer. The benefits Google my Business can offer include:

  • Enjoy a wider reach: You gain greater visibility in the Google search, making it easier for people to find you. The more content you have, the more aware people are of you online.
  • Greater brand awareness: GMB posts are a great way to build brand awareness as you can communicate directly with customers. You can keep them informed about new products/services, changes to opening hours, promotions and more.
  • Better customer engagement: It’s all about adding value to the customer experience and GMB posts enable that with use of videos and images. Customers have all the information they need to make a decision whenever they need to. 

What next for your Google My Business Posting?

If you need help with posting to your Google My Business listing then fortunately that’s something we can help with. Contact Us for more information or check out SproutSocial which includes this feature as part of its core functionality.

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