Trades: Leave your DIY to the experts

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Leave your DIY to the experts

Leave your DIY to the experts – a guest post by Georgia Stylianou – find out more about Georgia and her work at Marshmallow Design and for more FREE brand and marketing advice, join our TRADES ONLY Facebook Group by Clicking Here

Let me put it to you like this.

Doing your own marketing for your trades business is like me doing my own tree surgery.

Bit of background for you – I’ve never even potted a plant.

My neighbour’s Oak tree is hanging over into my garden.

A big old branch that I just want rid of.

They’re on holiday. Perfect opportunity. Don’t want to bother them.

I’m no tree surgeon, but I own a saw.

I’ll just do it myself.

Save some money.

I might even enjoy it.

What’s the worst that could happen?

I’ll make a right mess for starters.

In my garden and theirs.

The branch could fall and land on the fence.

Their fence. Smashed to smithereens.

Where am I going to get rid of that huge branch once I’m done?

I drive a Smart car for God’s sake. Didn’t think of that.

That’s if I even manage to actually saw it off in the first place.

This could be hours of my life wasted on the impossible.

Sparks the beginnings of a huge war with my neighbours who can’t see I was actually trying to do them a favour.

I’m off their Christmas card list.

I also now have a legal battle on my hands because according to them, the tree is protected.

Who knew you could protect a tree?

I could fall off the ladder and break a limb.

That would put an end to me working for a while.

Worst still. I could die.

(No one I know has ever died from a bad logo choice, but anything is possible.)

My saw could break, and I’ll have to go buy a new one.

Or I could end up killing the tree.

Hacking off such big a branch leaving it exposed to the elements.

I guess that solves the problem for everyone. No?

Moral of the story.

Do it right to start with.

Leave it to the professionals.

A tree surgeon with the knowledge, experience, expertise and skills would have advised me on what to do and more importantly – what NOT to do. They would have saved me from making huge mistakes that could have cost me time, energy, stress and thousands of pounds in the long run. All from trying to save a few pennies in the first place.

Same goes for your brand and marketing.

Just because you own Microsoft ‘Paint’ or Sharon from accounts owns a dodgy version of Photoshop doesn’t mean your business branding is sorted. Sorry Sharon. Marketing DIY could mean doing more damage to your business brand than good – even if it’s difficult to see in the short term. Hold off until you can afford to use an expert. It’s easier to build a brand from nothing than it is to restore a brand already destroyed. Leave your design and marketing DIY to the experts.

So what’s next?

We work with Marshmallow Design to help businesses develop proven marketing strategies. Get in touch today by clicking here to find out more about growing your trade.

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