Want to start a great looking online store quickly and effectively? Then take a look at Shopify. Use the built in responsive templates or choose to buy and customise off the shelf website templates. Easy to use eCommerce software that you pay a subscription to use rather than going to the expense of commissioning a whole new webstore. This is a great option if you’re starting out selling products online as everything is easily integrated for you with next to no technical knowledge required.

If you’re looking round for a new CRM system or have just started out then look no further than Base. Keep track of all your conversations and history by linking your email and phone to the system, segregate your leads from customers and contacts, keep a detailed diary of appointments and track you sales with deals. An ideal way to learn how a CRM system can benefit your business.

Social Media Management can get very time consuming if you’re not using the right tools. Sprout allows you to attached multiple social profiles from different platforms and schedule great content which will post for you at future dates. Use it’s intuitive reports section to identify where your campaigns are lacking and what is doing well. Saves a lot of time!

You may already have heard about MailChimp, it’s a great tool to reach out to lots of people quickly. We use MailChimp to send out our email newsletters and information helping people with tips and ideas. The easy to use interface allows you to upload contact lists, subscribe people and email them quickly and efficiently creating great looking templates.

Slack is a very powerful project tool for teams. If you’ve used Whatsapp then you’ll understand how group messaging can work. Taking things to the next level Slack allows you to have private conversations, group conversations, conversations on a particular topic and share images and video. A fast growing resource and a great option if you’d like to replace all those internal company emails.

Visual web page builders have reached a whole new art form and none so than Elementor. This is an amazing WordPress plugin that gives you almost complete control when building amazing looking and functioning web pages. I wouldn’t advise this for complete beginners but if you know how to set up a WordPress site this plugin is a must!

We’ve been told that automation and bots are bad but what if you could create an autoresponder for your Facebook business page that would conduct an intelligent conversation? ManyChat allows you to create different sequences of responses to help with customer services and customer outreach. If you do this the right way and always ask for permission then a tool like ManyChat can save your business hours in customer support.

I’m sure you’ll have heard and used Skype and Facetime but what if you could conduct video calls intuitively? Zoom allows high definition video calling with one or more people. Share your screen to walk a client through a demo, record the conversation or demo for future use, pass notes and collaborate. It’s the best video conference tool we’ve found so far.

If you’re using Facebook as part of your online strategy then this WordPress Plugin may help. It’s a simple and easy way to add the Facebook tracking Pixel to your website. No coding required! Simply fill in the boxes and the plugin does the rest. It’s of especial use if you’re running an eCommerce store where the paid for version of the Plugin will help you track a number of customer led actions and conversions.

Running a WordPress website? Then you need Imagify. This beautifully designed web app allows you to compress image files without losing definition. Using images with smaller file sizes will mean your web pages load faster! Not only that but there’s a WordPress Plugin that will automatically compress your images for you as soon as you load them to your site. Very easy drag and drop interface, this tool is a must have for eCommerce sites.

If you’re running a website with video content you don’t have a lot of options. Hosting the video on your site will only slow down the page load speeds so the usual practice is to host the video elsewhere. YouTube and Vimeo are the go to places. Vimeo however, is the professionals choice. Higher definition video content that loads faster and is hidden from general searches.

Fount is an interesting tool we found. Like the look of a font on a certain website and want to us that on your project? Simple, install the Fount web brower addon, click on the text and Fount shows you what is being used. Very quick and easy to use especially as it’s there in your web browser.


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