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Whatever happens you won’t get far without using professional software to schedule, post and analyse your social performance.

Social media relies on you being current, posting at the right times of day and on the right days in order to capitalise on the most engagements, and most importantly for your sales, knowing who is interested in your content.

While Facebook offers some great analytics and scheduling tools for business pages, Instagram and Twitter only offer analytics and rely on you posting content live, either when you remember or when you set an alarm.

So wouldn’t it be great if you could have one place you could login to where you could create all your different posts for each platform, schedule posts days, weeks or months in advance and have all the analytics from each platform in front of you all at once?

As soon as you realise the time this saves you (in many cases you can save days!) and the power of being able to identify which piece of content works best and then being able to repost popular content from a few months back in the click of a button, you’ll have started to think like a social media professional.

We particularly enjoy using Sprout Social as we can work collaboratively with our clients giving them access to different accounts. Posts can be created or curated and your clients can be allowed to comment, update, alter or approve content before it is posted which makes the process flow much better.

Using Sprout Social you can:

  • Create posts for all your social media accounts all in one place
  • Schedule all your posts for the days or weeks ahead, create them, set them and leave them to post out automatically
  • Track your effectiveness across each platform, see which content worked well on Facebook or Instagram
  • Build up an exact profile of your ideal customers, the times of day they’re online and what they like most

And much, much more! Click below:

Sprout Social integrates with all the major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn allowing you to run all your social accounts from one convenient control panel and analyse all your data in one place.

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