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Structured Data

One element of the SEO process you may not have come across is something called structured data, or schema mark-up. This is valuable information that creates more context for search engines to understand your content to help it rank better. Below we explain what it is and its importance in more details.

What is structured data or schema mark-up?

Schema mark-up, which is located at, can be viewed as a form of microdata. It makes it easier for a machine to read and understand the full context of the page content.

When you attach this to a webpage HTML it forms an enhanced description (referred to as a rich snippet) which you will then see in the search results. This is the case for all the major search engines, who worked together to create Schema mark-up in 2011.

Why is Schema important for SEO?

Schema mark-up is important for SEO as it allows search engines to not only understand what the page is about, but also to match to relevant search enquiries.

While its effects are limited on its own, when used in collaboration with other SEO practices it can have a powerful effect on how the page is ranked on Google.

From reviews and articles, to products and local businesses, using schema can help boost your search engine performance. There are hundreds of types to choose from, so finding the most suitable one is straightforward.

By improving the rich snippet shown about the page on Google it drives organic click-through rates as it is easier for people to instantly understand if the page relates to what they are looking for.

How can I improve my SEO using Structured Data and Schema mark-up?

Use the following tips to improve your SEO with Schema:

Find the most commonly used schemas

The website lists the most common types of schema mark-up used, and you can select from this list to select the most suitable for your business.

Use it as much as possible

Studies have been carried out that show only a third of businesses actually use Schema, leaving a lot of opportunity for others to exploit to their advantage. The Schema site says the more you mark up, the better it will be for your site (only for visible, not hidden, content).

Use a plug-in

There are a number of plugins available that will make it much easier to add schema mark-up. Attach it to your CMS and it can easily be organised during the drafting and uploading stages.

We’d recommend taking a look at Schema Pro from Brainstorm Force. If you’re using WordPress (and Elementor) this plugin has everything you need to automatically set up schema scripts throughout your site at the click of a button.

Find out more

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