Web Hosting and Maintenance

Keep your website safe, secure and working at its full potential

Do you keep your website and security regularly updated?

If not you may be leaving yourself open to attack and even a data breach. Cyber attacks and online security are becoming a major features of the 21st century business. This is why if you operate online you need a reliable and highly-secure hosting service for your website and also regular maintenance to keep all the component parts up to date and functioning properly.

We offer a full optimisation setup for your website, customised security features and a regular monthly maintenance package to help keep you secure and always up and running.

Working with us...

Web hosting is possibly one of the biggest success factors for your website. How quickly a user can access your website is critical to its success of failure as keeping a user waiting for longer than 2-3 seconds may mean you lose them.

While the big hosting companies offer a catch all solution to hosting often chasing the lowest  price point we offer a more bespoke solution utilising Krystal Hosting‘s Litespeed Cloud Servers to optimise your site’s speed and performance. Our team know and understand the Krystal system and are able to use that knowledge to deliver a super-fast, highly secure web experience.

Our hosting and maintenance packages include:

Unless your website and the plugins and code in it are kept regularly up to date there is a chance your site could be hacked. The chances of your site being hacked may also increase if you and members of your team have Editor or Administrator level access to it, please always be vigilant with your passwords and follow best practices.

With this in mind our hosting and maintenance packages include:

Regular Plugin & Code Updates

We will regularly update all the plugins and code to keep everything up to date and functioning

Premium Licenses Extended

We will keep your premium plugin licenses updated and paid for to maintenance their security and functionality

16x Faster Websites

LiteSpeed Caching + SSD disks = 16x faster websites. We also further optimise the site caching speed to suit Google Page Insights.

1.5 Tbps of DDoS protection

Some of the best security features in the industry and regular malware sweeps guarantee a 99.9% website uptime

We are proud to say that our hosting provider is powered by 100% green energy from renewable sources

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Our process is straightforward...

First we will need to assess your current website setup and hosting service before being able to provide you with a full set of detailed costs either to upgrade what you currently have or to transfer you to a more secure and optimised hosting package. Migrations can take place quickly and securely. Our process involves:

1. discovering and checking what you have in place

2. comparing setups and costs

3. migrations and setup

4. we continue to help and support you

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