Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, PInterest, Houzz – which platforms are your customers using and how do you attract their attention? We work with companies to manage their social media channels, taking charge of creating engaging image, posts, videos and posting them on a regular basis to create interactions but importantly actions (website visits, downloads, sales).

How we help

We use leading Enterprise level applications to create and schedule the right posts

We save you time

Creating and sourcing great content can take a lot of time and effort. We take on these tasks for you creating relevant posts we know will get your message across effectively.

There are only so many hours in the day and scheduling your social media posts probably isn’t the best use of your time. We use Enterprise level software (SproutSocial) to schedule your social posts ahead of time measuring the best days and times to post and reporting back to you on effectiveness.

We save you effort

We increase your revenue

Ads on social media platforms have a huge growth potential, especially for eCommerce businesses. If you’re already using services like Google Ads then you can amplify your efforts, learn more about your customers and decrease your acquisition costs with clever social ads.

Your social efforts should have a goal – to create more website traffic, more leads and sales. Without a focus social can be a waste of time. We can help you focus on the customers that matter and create more qualified leads and sales.

We increase web traffic and leads

We give you control

By giving you access to our Enterprise level software (SproutSocial) you’ll be able to see full reports and schedules of upcoming posts. You can also take control and post yourself or retain control by approving posts before they’re posted to your profiles.

Our Monthly Pricing

We can work as your social team, creating and posting amazing and engaging content on your behalf. See below for our packages. The initial minimum term is 3-months before turning into a rolling monthly agreement.

Social Posting

We can create content and post regularly
to your social channels
£ 250 /month*
  • You brief us and we'll create the content for your approval
  • You'll get access to our enterprise level scheduling and reporting software
  • We'll create and schedule posts for your account covering up to 5 posts per week
  • Includes 1 social media account
  • *Additional accounts can be included for £75 per account per month

Ads Management

Let us create and manage your
social media ads
£ 350 /month*
  • You brief us and we create the ad content and copy
  • We create professional ads and target them to your specific customer profile
  • We monitor the performance of the ads and optimise them as required for best results
  • We report back each month
  • *Ad spend in addition to the management costs

Full Management

We'll look after all your posting and
social media ads
£ 795 /month*
  • Covers working on up to 4 social media accounts
  • Full access to our enterprise level scheduling and reporting software
  • Includes all of the Ads Management package features and performance reports
  • Includes all of the Social Posting package features
  • *Ad spend in addition to the cost of the package

Looking to get started?

Take a look at our Social Media ideas below which will give you more background on if social media marketing will be beneficial for your business and how to get the best out of it.