Our Service Level Agreement

Please read the following information carefully

How to contact us:

By email (marking whether your request is Critical, High Importance, Normal Importance or a Feature/Update Request) to hello @ johnlawley.co.uk.

By telephone calling the office on 020 3637 1260.

By web form, which can be submitted (for Critical or High Importance requests only) at JohnLawley.co.uk/support.

(please review section 5.2 of this document for definitions of each category of request and our response times)

1. Overview

The following document is a way of establishing an understanding between you (the “client”) and us for our web support and maintenance services. This document lays out the practices that we follow so you as our client understand how we work and what to expect. The aim of this document is to set out a reliable and high quality web experience for our clients.

2. Service Description

This agreement describes the web support services provided by JohnLawley.co.uk.

2.1 Scope

This agreement applies only to websites developed and hosted by us or websites we have been asked to maintain on behalf of our clients in a maintenance agreement.

Our web support is provided by the most efficient method available. We recommend that in the first instance you contact us via email but you can also request assistance by calling our office number or submitting details of your query via our online form. To escalate a problem for critical or high importance issues please telephone or use our online form.

2.2 Services

Our web support services include:

2.2.1 Initial Consultation

A meeting, either face to face or via video chat, with you to determine your requirements

2.2.2 Design and Construction

Design and build of new websites/proofs of concept/functionality/addition of new plugins/development of new widgets

2.2.3 Deployment, Security, Upkeep and Maintenance

Assistance with the hosting and/or migration of your website to our web servers hosted at our UK based Data Centre.

3. Roles and Responsibilities

3.1 Our Support Responsibilities

We will provide the necessary technology and personnel to monitor and maintain our services as described in this document. We will endeavor to meet our response times associated with the priority of each request as outlined in section 5.2 below.

3.2 Our Client’s (Your) Responsibilities

Our Client’s (your) responsibilities in support of this Agreement include:

  • Using the standard contact methods (see Section 4 below and the overview of this document) to request web support services
  • Thoroughly reviewing any draft design concepts, web page and copy suggestions, email and message replies, and any and all other communications in a timely fashion
  • Checking and reviewing the web content for which they are responsible and communicating any required updates or new content to our support team in a timely fashion
  • Planning ahead for any time sensitive changes or website updates to allow us adequate time to respond to the request, quote and plan for the implementation (this may include, but is not limited to, a launch date or event, and for the avoidance of doubt late requests of this nature will not be classified as Critical or High Importance, we will help as we can within a realistic timeframe)

3.3 Support Limitations

Our support team provides help with operational and maintenance tasks for your website. Our Data Centre provides support for our web hosting software applications (WHM/Cpanel). Where applicable we may ask for assistance from our Data Centre Support Services on your behalf by initiating a technical support ticket.

4. Requesting Service

4.1 Web Support Requests

We offer four methods of submitting web support requests.

4.1.1 Support Ticket via Email

Sending an email with your request to hello @ johnlawley.co.uk is the recommended method for requesting web support assistance. This request will be delivered to all members of our support team, which means it can be addressed quickly. Unless you have designated this request as urgent your email will be processed in the manner they are received during normal support working hours.

4.1.2 Support Request via Online Form

Support requests can be submitted via our online form asking for help with a Critical or High Importance matter. This form can be accessed via our website at JohnLawley.co.uk/support. The details submitted will be sent directly to the mobile phones of our support team for urgent assistance. Please note that this form of contact is only meant for Critical and High Importance matters during out of hours and there may be a penalty for misuse.

4.1.3 Telephone

Support requests may be made by telephone via our office number, which is detailed above. Please note you may not always be able to speak directly with one of our support team but your request will be submitted to them directly via our admin staff who take the call.

4.1.4 Scheduled Conversations

Either a face-to-face meeting or a scheduled phone or video call can be arranged at a mutually agreed date and time to discuss website assistance or talk through adding additional site features.

5. Hours of Coverage, Response Times and Complaint Resolution

5.1 Hours of Coverage

Our support teams operate during the hours of 9am to 3pm (London Time) Monday to Friday but for Critical issues we can be contacted within the hours of 8am to 10pm 7 days a week or via our online form.

5.2 Response Times

We will endeavour to use the following guidelines to prioritise web support requests aiming to respond to, and in some cases hopefully begin working on, the problem within the following timeframes. The actual response time may be shorter or longer, which will depend in the volume or requests being received at any one time.

CRITICALProblems such as service outage, a website offline or a security issueWithin 2 hours during our support hours and as soon as possible outside those times
HIGHPerformance issues such as slow page load speedsWithin the same day during our support hours of coverage
NORMALAssistance with website content such as adding text, images or downloadsWithin 48 hours
FEATURE REQUEST / MEETING REQUESTRequests such as new features or additional functionalityWithin 3 working days

5.3 Escalation

If you are not satisfied with the level of service related to a web support request you should contact your account manager who can escalate things further to a member of our executive team if required.

5.4 Other Requests

Requests not covered in the scope of this service can be submitted through email hello @ johnlawley.co.uk and will be referred on to the appropriate place.

6. Maintenance and Service Changes

6.1 Web Content Maintenance

When content publishing exceeds the knowledge of the client our support team will accept requests for web content updates and revisions through any of the following channels listed under Requesting Service. We will respond with a suitable quote (if the scope of works is outside any agreement we have with you), and details we require in order to complete the task(s) and timescale for completion.

6.2 Web Service Changes

From time to time, the platform or other software used in the construction and maintenance of websites for which we have responsibility may change. The team’s skills will stay up-to-date to encompass these changes.

7. SLA Reviews

Our Executive Team (“Document Owner”) is responsible for regularly reviewing and updating this document. As such the contents of this document may be amended as required, provided we first consult with you, our client, and have communicated the changes to all affected parties.

Failure or inadvertent failure on the part of JohnLawley.co.uk or any third party to comply with any of the clauses in this document shall not constitute a breach and in any event the agreement shall not be capable of termination by reason of any breach of these clauses

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