Messaging Apps: Easily integrate WhatsApp and Messenger

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Messaging Apps

Easily add messaging apps to your website. Communication is everything when it comes to keeping customers happy and if you can find ways to make it more convenient for them they are more likely to spend money as a result. We live in an age that offers a wide range of ways to speak to each other digitally, but there are a few popular platforms that can really make communication even easier.

Our Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger widget can be integrated into your existing website so customers can get in touch at the touch of button. Unlike other apps this messaging app is part of an existing plugin and usually there’s no need to add additional code to your site. So whether a new enquiry, or a question from an existing customer, the added convenience makes things much more straightforward.

How does the messaging app widget work?

You have the choice to display the messenger on your desktop or mobile site (or both), giving users more choice in case they do not have access to one or the other.

The messaging app widget also comes with supported animated icons to help drive users towards a call to action, making the page look more attractive and eye-catching as a result.

In today’s competitive online market it’s important to simplify communication channels as much as possible and this widget effectively means leads can be generated at any time of the day and. People look for convenience wherever possible and the more you can offer, the more your business will benefit.

What does the messaging app feature?

Included in the widget will be:

  • Choice of individual sales/support button with different attached numbers
  • Inline or floating WhatsApp button
  • Vertical or horizontal offset for floating position
  • Button/icon trigger for customisation
  • Responsive controls that can be displayed/hidden on different devices

Find out more on our Useful Tools page which has a whole section on plugins and apps to help your business. You can also find out more about the WhatsApp (click here) and Messenger (click here) widgets by following the links.

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