Making the change to eco-friendly web hosting

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Making the change to eco-friendly web hosting

One of the key targets for all businesses in 2021 and beyond is to adopt sustainable practises that reduce harm to the environment. No matter how large or small your business there are a number of things you can do to become more eco-friendly. That includes the hosting provider you use for your website, as the service is usually very energy-intensive.

As part of the web hosting service we provide to our customers we ensure you not only have access to fast and bespoke solution, but one that is also leading the way in green web hosting

What is green web hosting?

Green web hosting means that the provider hosting your website is actively engaged in eco-friendly initiatives that reduce the negative impact high energy usage can have on the environment. 

The main way web host companies are able to make a significant change is through use of renewable energy or carbon offsets. Renewable energy is produced using natural occurring resources such as wind, sunlight or water. Replenishment happens naturally and it means there is no requirement for the burning of fossil fuels, which produces much cleaner energy. 

How big is the impact?

Of course, stating you use renewable energy sounds impressive, but how can its impact be translated into real terms we can understand?

Today there are over 30 billion internet-connected devices in the world and it is predicated that by 2025 as much as 20% of all electricity produced could be used by the IT industry. It could also be responsible for producing up to 5.5% of all carbon emissions by that date.

A growing number of IT energy consumption comes from data centres with more than half containing over 5,000 servers. That means energy consumption rates are continuing to rise and that alternatives have to be implemented to reduce the damage being caused to the environment. 

How we are making a difference 

To help optimise the speed and performance of your website we partner with Krystal Hosting who offer access to their Litespeed Cloud Servers. In 2017 Krystal updated their resources to become 100% powered by renewable energy – the first UK website hosting company to do so. That meant all the energy used to power their datacentre facility is fully generated by renewable sources.

Krystal’s Netwise datacentre facility is powered by Ecotricity who are a 100% green electricity provider. Their energy is produced from a combination of the sun, wind and sea, producing 20% of it themselves with the rest coming from other green generators.   

That means not only do you get access to LiteSpeed Caching and SSD disk hosting that can make your website up to 16 times faster, but you’ll also have peace of mind that it is powered by eco-friendly energy sources. 

To find out more about our green web hosting and maintenance services call 020 3637 1260 or email today.

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