Maintenance & Security

We can help you with ongoing maintenance and security for your website

"Peace of mind for your online business"

We can help maintain your business website, optimise it for speed and accessibility, upgrade it and help increase security to give you peace of mind you’re doing everything you can to keep your site at peak performance. Below we’ve listed our maintenance and security packages, you can opt to take up one or more of these options.

Please note that unless marked otherwise payments for these services will be taken via Direct Debit and by clicking the links below you will be taken to a payment page where you can set up your package quickly and securely.

Web Hosting Package

£150 paid annually (plus VAT)
Covers one year's web hosting

This is our basic level of web hosting but includes all the essentials to ensure your website is accessible to the World. It is a straightforward service to keep your website working but does not include updates to your site.

This package includes:

  • Web hosting on our Litespeed servers (16x faster than competitors)
  • Weekly server backups as standard
  • Updates to plugins that are essential for the smooth running of your site
  • Monitoring and alerts to any malicious attacks

Need more? Ask us to maintain and keep your site fully up to date...

Maintenance Package

£60 per month (plus VAT)
Minimum 12 month term commitment

We’ll monitor and maintain your website on our Litespeed servers making sure it’s kept up to date and notifying you of any issues before they arise. This is a minimum term commitment of 12 months which is renewed annually.

All the features of Web Hosting plus:

  • Web hosting on our Litespeed servers (16x faster than competitors)
  • Daily server backups as standard
  • Weekly website backups
  • Monthly plugin updates to keep your functionality up to date
  • Minor WordPress core updates as and when required

Need more? We can help with regular content and feature updates...

Maintenance & Updates

£250 per month (plus VAT)
Minimum 12 month term commitment

This is our more advanced and hands on package for businesses that need more support on a weekly basis. If you require ongoing help adding and updating content and features on your website the first three hours of support is automatically covered.

All the features of Maintenance...

  • Web hosting
  • Daily server backups, Weekly website backups
  • WordPress and plugin updates


  • Monthly content and feature updates

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