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Domain Age

Domain Age

There are a variety of factors that go into deciding your ranking on Google. One that is hotly debated is domain age, with some saying

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Page Speed

Page Speed

Page Speed, Load Time or Page Loading Speed – all essentially mean very similar things. If your website pages are not loading fast enough, it

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  • Your Goals for 2021
    We’re back and this week discussing setting those goals for the year ahead. How do you plan? What should you be thinking about? The team discuss. With John Lawley (Web Design, Georgia Stylianou (Branding, and Andrew Black (Trades Business Coach
  • We All Make Mistakes
    We all make mistakes, we’re all human, but how do you deal with the fallout from those mistakes? The team discusses what those mistakes could be and how you could rectify them or think ahead to mitigate as much as possible before the work begins. With John Lawley (Web Design, Georgia Stylianou (Branding, […]
  • Lockdown Part III
    Here it is! The long awaited Series Two of the Simplified Marketing Podcast. Just as we were about to record the announcement was made sending the UK back into lockdown for the third time. How does this effect your business? Do you have a plan in place? With John Lawley (Web Design, Georgia Stylianou […]

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