Facebook Ads Library – how to spy on your rival’s ads

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Following the criticism thrown towards Facebook for the way some adverts have been used by various organisations on their platform in the political arena, they have now created an exciting new free tool called Facebook Ads Library.

The new tool has replaced the old ‘Ads’ link that used to appear on every page on Facebook. The difference between the two means you now have more insight and control than before.

How does Facebook Ads Library work?

You can find Facebook Ads Library here. The first place to start is type in the page name into the search field which will start offering suggestions for you.

Then you simply choose the page you want to see and you’ll instantly see the results.

It will tell you key information about the page, such as when it was created, any changes made to the name, along with information about the people who have set it up.

For ads that have been used to actively engage with users in prominent areas of Facebook, you can also see how much money has been spent to fund them. For ads that are still currently live, you will be able to see how much was spent as recently as last week.

If you scroll further down the page you’ll be able to see the ads results. From there you can choose from a range of different filters to narrow down your results further.

You can choose to see all the ads or something more specialised, depending on your interests on the topic you first searched for.

There is also the option to filter by ad status, which will sometimes allow you to choose by region.

A keyword search is also available, that enables you to receive results based on specific keywords you have chosen. However, this is only limited to political and social issues. Anything beyond that will not produce any results using this method.

How else can you access the tool?

Another way to use the tool is to visit the Page Transparency section and then click ‘See more’. This will then produce a pop-up which will contain links to the Ads Library related to that page.

You will also notice a link saying ‘See ads details’ at the bottom of each ad. For non-politically related ads, all you will be able to see is the page description.

However, for political ads you will now be able to see the amount of money that has been spent, the number of impressions and basic information about the type of people who have seen the ad.

And remember…

This will no doubt prove to be an extremely useful tool to unearth what is being spent and how certain ads are being used.

But don’t forget that using the tool to check the landing page of the ads will be just as insightful. Landing pages play an integral role in the success of any advertising campaign, so it is more than likely you will find some very useful information there too.

If you need help putting together a real Facebook Ads strategy that will both work and return your investment fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we’ll be in touch to discuss further.

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