How to display Reviews – from Facebook, Google and Yelp

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Customer reviews are a great way to back up your authority and nothing helps sell your product or service better than the feedback of happy customers. For all the money spent on marketing and branding, before parting with their hard-earned cash, most prospective customers want to see what other people think about your company.

This is more true than ever in the digital age, where rating systems on various platforms can boost or damage your reputation. It’s one of the main reasons why we have developed a powerful website add-on for Facebook, Google and Yelp, allowing you to show off how much customers love your brand.

How do these reviews add-ons work?

Our reviews add-ons allow you to display customer reviews from Facebook, Google and Yelp on your website, so new visitors can instantly see the positive feedback you are being given.

They can be customised to suit your preferences and enhance the relationship you have with both new and existing customers.

You remain in control of the type of information displayed on your site, showing glowing reviews that help increase conversions and brand reputation.

What features are included in the add-ons?

Once installed the add-on allows you to:

  • Have total control over the information shown for each review
  • Filter reviews by rating and set the minimum rating value to be shown
  • Use the free Google API key that allows for up to 5 reviews to be shown at any one time
  • Include review date, person’s name, review text, star rating etc.
  • Replace default images with customised options
  • Choose from a host of styles to blend in with existing branding aesthetics

Our Useful Tools

If you’d like to take a deeper look at the reviews add-ons then you can by clicking here for the Facebook Review, here for the Google Review and here for the Yelp Review add-ons.

Also why not take a look through the rest of our Useful Tools, it’s a handy and curated section of our site will lots of links to help you build better and more beautiful websites. Contact Us if you need any help.

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