Get the most from your Social ROI

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Get the most Social ROI

Maximising social media for your brand is more than just posting content every day. It needs to be concise and targeted to the ever changing needs of your customer base. Social teams are the first to see the changing landscape and the ways audiences are thinking and reacting. However, they need good support and the infrastructure to make the most of their skills and for you to see a big social ROI.

Time to plan

Social marketing teams need more time to bring together all of the key social data into a clear strategy. This is the best way to ensure they maximise their potential and value to the business.

Cross-company insight

The data collected by social media teams from customers provides invaluable insight to other departments. These valuable insights can help the brand grow across the board and create a head start against competitors.

Build relationships

67% of consumers who follow brands on social are more likely to increase their spend. Building relationships with real followers will translate into increased revenue and tangible brand growth.

Understanding motivations

Posting on social is more than just about content. You have to understand what converts customers and their motivations to spend money. Engaging and responding to them when they reach out is vital.

Be fun but informative

Balance entertaining and informative content to maximise returns. This comes from a developed content plan that targets potential customers from the start of their journey to the end. And this can’t be done without the right resources behind it.

Employee engagement

The more company employees post about a service or product, the more likely it is that customer’s curiosity will grow. It helps to tell the brand story and develop trust with audiences that support your brand and offering.

Use video marketing

Identify where and how the social media team can make the biggest impact with live video and then make sure it is created. Audiences love video content and respond well to the right strategy.

Target community groups

Use of private community groups on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn will connect you directly to some of your most passionate customers and help communicate your brand effectively.

Learn your customer’s habits

If you don’t know your target audience well enough, you won’t make the most of your opportunities or see a large social ROI. Listen and learn about their habits, as well as the industry and competitors in your field.

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