Frequently Asked Questions and how to make them a feature

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Frequently Asked Questions

For the vast majority of businesses there are a number of common questions asked by customers that can be easily answered without having to handle each one personally. This is where having a well-designed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on your website allows you to do just that, instantly answering customer queries and allowing them to reach a decision much faster, which will have a positive impact on your sales.

Why should you have a Frequently Asked Questions section on your website?

We have a very handy FAQ feature that can be easily integrated into your existing website, which can not only boost customer conversion rates, but also improve search engine results.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs are questions your customers or clients may ask on a regular basis. They're often easy to answer, straightforward questions about your business or service such as "how much does it cost", "how do I sign up", "what's the commitment term".

You can use FAQs in a number of ways. The first is to have a whole section dedicated to your frequently asked questions which your website users can search through while researching your service.

The second, and the way that really helps to optimise your website, is to include FAQ sections where relevant on different pages of your site. That way you can include the relevant answers to the questions a potential customer may ask about a specific service.

The main benefits are that Google and other search engines will recognise you are providing FAQs and will start to include them in search results. By including them you're showing more useful information on your pages. You're helping your customers and clients move along to buying from you quicker and increasing the value of the information on your website.

The Frequently Asked Questions widget in action

Answering customer queries quickly and efficiently is important to retaining their interest and ensuring they do not click away and visit a competitor’s site. By making the user experience as simple as possible they are far more likely to follow through to making a purchase.

If a customer searches for an exact – or similar – query to the information located on your FAQ page, it could display high in their search results. The more that query is search for, the more popular the page becomes and the more frequently it will be clicked on, generating more traffic for your site and higher conversion rates.

FAQ pages can also be easily adapted over time. So, if existing products or services change or update you can simply add additional information, or remove anything that is no longer relevant.

There are a number of options available to tailor this feature to your site preferences, including:

  • Choose between an accordion or grid layout to suit existing website design
  • Box-style design and separator for each question and answer
  • Customised icons that correspond to active and closed boxes
  • A wide variety of fonts, colours, padding and borders for each section
  • The widget features JSON-LD mark-up, which performs well in Google by sending key data

Find out more on our Useful Tools page which has a whole section on plugins and apps to help your business. You can also find out more about the Frequently Asked Questions widget by clicking here.

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