Design custom icons for your website

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Design Custom Icons

Your website is supposed to be a reflection of your brand and its unique offering. You want every element to stand out from the competition and to speak with clarity to each and every visitor that arrives there and one way to do this is with custom icons.

One problem that many businesses face is finding non-generic icons that aren’t already being used on countless other websites. But what if you could have customised icon sets that are tailored exactly to your requirements?

In the past web fonts and icon packs have been developed to customise operating systems, websites, web pages and emails. Services such as the earliest Webdings right the way through to the more comprehensive Font Awesome operate in a creative and visual language that enhances the design of a website. Now you can do this too with your very own custom icons.

Personalised icons for your commercial website

It’s a problem many of our clients have raised, which is why we are now able to offer a customised icon design service for your website. This will give you the opportunity to:

  • Set the right size to avoid slow loading web pages
  • Personalised colour to reflect brand preferences and guidelines
  • Add effects/animation (entrance or hover) to increase engagement

Our design service will create bespoke icons that can be incorporated into new or existing websites, giving you the added edge. These small, aesthetic details can make all the difference when it comes to keeping a potential customer on your website to give them a better experience.

We ensure all of your custom icon sets can be accessed through just one interface, ensuring your workflow remains consistent without having to slowdown. This makes the process straightforward and efficient and once completed, all of your new icons will be available via the Elementor Icon Library.

Customised icons will tell the story of the brand that generic stock icons cannot. Using this method will transform the way they are used and interacted with by website visitors. Why only use icons that aren’t fit for purpose when you can select purpose built icons that will maximise the power of your brand?

If you’d like help designing, creating and installing custom icon packages on your website then get in touch via our Contact Us page. We’d love to hear how you use icons creatively for your brand.

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