Coronavirus Outbreak Information

Help and information

We’ve created this page as a handy reference guide with information and help related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Below are links and information from around the web, we’ve not included anything controversial, it’s the information associations and Government bodies have been putting out but we hope this helps you get to grips with the situation.

Quick links:

Hand washing and getting it right!

Let’s not leave this to chance guys! Here are two informative videos to help. One produced by the NHS the other is a highly visual demonstration from around the web showing techniques so you can cover all surfaces.

Financial Help and Information

We spoke to Aron Taylor of Taylor Associates accountants and recorded these two episodes to cover the financial packages the Government has set out to help. You can also find out more by clicking the links to our partners below:

Practical advice for business

While the Government has moved to put in place financial help for those who are employed nothing as yet has been announced for the self-employed, freelancers or sole traders. In a recent podcast about the effects of the pandemic we discuss the implications and measures small businesses and the self-employed can take to diversify.

Quick Tips for Video Conferencing

With the rise in video conferencing while we work from home and isolate how do you make yourself stand out and present a professional edge. Zoom and Skype have been around for a while but are now seeing a huge upsurge in use but there’s no established online meeting etiquette yet. Here are our quick tips to present yourself professionally while video conferencing.

How China dealt with the outbreak

“75% of infections are from within family groups”

Here’s an interview we found on Twitter, a clip from an MSNBC interview with Donald McNeil, Science and Health reporter, of the New York Times. The interview runs through first and second hand accounts of the pandemic and how China managed to cope with it. This may give a more realistic account of what to expect.

Visualising the pandemic

If you thought that one last hurrah in the pub the other Friday night was a good idea, or having a BBQ with everyone round on Mother’s Day was great just take a look at this data visualisation of how Coronavirus spreads. If you come in contact and then spread to 10 or more people it’s highly likely one of those 10 people will die… having come into contact with you. This startling data visualisation from The Washington Post helps to understand further.