Can you transfer web hosting?

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Transfer Web Hosting

If you are looking to transfer web hosting to a new provider then read on! If you are unsure whether you can transfer your website hosting, the simple answer would be yes. Rather than feeling you are locked into a long contract that makes it difficult to move, the process of transferring to another hosting company is likely to be easier than you anticipate.

Having that level of flexibility is important, as you need to feel in control of your website and its content, especially if your current provider is not up to par. One of the main reasons to transfer a website is cost, closely followed by a lack of features and an unstable service.

What options are available when you transfer web hosting?

There are an increasing number of web hosting companies that provide a free transfer service when you sign up to their package.

One of our favourites is Krystal, with some parts of the process completed automatically using their online tools. While they use the cPanel control panel, they also offer migration from non-cPanel hosts, with the first three websites being totally free of charge.

If you are thinking of moving from a non-WordPress provider you will need to look at replicating the site in the WordPress environment. However, this can usually be a straightforward job, as there are plenty of migration tools available, such as the Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin.

This tool gives you the option to copy, move, migrate and clone a standard site from one location to another, and it can also be used as a way to backup existing content. All of this can be achieved while still keeping you online so you do not experience any damaging downtime in the process.

How to transfer to a new website host

While companies like Krystal will have their own processes to follow, in general terms transferring to a new website host involves:

  • Moving all website files – including email accounts and databases
  • Installation of new CMS system (cPanel/WordPress etc.) by the new host
  • Checking of new site staging/temporary URL
  • Troubleshooting of any initial migration issues
  • Redirecting of domain DNS records to the new web host

Is Krystal easy to configure?

We have been using the Krystal service for a number of years and are comfortable using their system and associated tools. This means we understand how to get the most out of the service, so if you need to develop your WordPress or custom PHP website, or even set up services such as email, we can manage it all for you in-house, making the migration process easy and hassle-free.

Need help to transfer web hosting?

Contact us by clicking here and we can arrange to help you move your website to a new hosting provider. We can also advise on the best times and ways to move email accounts and what you need to run a successful website and email setup for your business.

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